© Copyright ACB (Anglo Continental Expansion) Ltd  Theo Rebergen, Exploring Markets The valuable and complete Pan-UK/European expansion service for Small and Medium size Companies There are many ways for medium and small companies to be successful in Europe and the UK. Having a website aimed at a foreign audience is important. You can collect basic information on the internet, but for  products/services that do not need local support, our street level research is vital. On the way we repair broken  foreign business relationships or even start-up a new branch.  You can find a few details in the next column or go for  more information about the work of Theo Rebergen to  www.anglocontinentalbizzlink.com Check-out local market demands Create a dealer/re-seller overview Observe competition Calculation & Pricing Select the ideal location Hire local office staff Organise the installation of          Communication Systems Select a Dealer/Re-seller Network Participation in local tradeshows Representation in local Chambers of          Commerce and Business Alliances Train and coach local staff and            monitor for the 1st year Impressum: Published by ACE (AngloContinentalExpansion) Ltd Country of Origin: United Kingdom  Company No. 04602812